Seed Week Studies

We have started the journey of homeschooling our young children, and in the process found some really wonderful curriculum. Captivating books to read aloud at breakfast. Beautiful poems to listen to on the couch. Simple math to study at the table. But my favorite piece of curriculum is the nature study: Exploring Nature with Children.

We are just beginning, but I already love so much about this material and it fits into our family so easily. As a family, we strive to spend 1000 hours outside every year. My hope for my children is that they will not look first to screens for entertainment, but to the dirt from which they were formed.

And in the process of spending so much time outside, I’ve started to notice more and more just how much nature permeates the pages of Scripture. The heavens declare, the trees clap, the oceans roar, the rocks sing, and the seeds grow.

It’s easy to pair these things. Learning about nature and studying scripture. Because the same God created both.

So…that’s what we’re doing. Nature study and Bible Study. And after hearing from a few other homeschool moms, it seems we’re not the only ones who want to do just that, and it seems like what I’ve written might be a helpful resource.

Fair warning: this is not going to be a continuous study yet. We’re too in the thick of things with life at the moment to write consistently. However, as I’m able, I’m going to be sharing the little Bible Studies here that I’ve created that go along with the nature studies we are doing. The first is easy. Seeds. There are too many examples to choose from. However, I’m in the middle of teaching a study on the book of Mark for our local church, and the Parable of the Sowers is at the forefront of my heart at the moment.

I have written up three different studies. One for younger elementary (~PreK-2nd Grade), one for older elementary (~2nd-5th) and one for older children and adults. Obviously, you know your children best, so take what you’d like and adjust it to their ages as you see fit.

Enjoy! And if you would like to see more of these in the future, feel free to comment below!

In Christ,