About Me

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and will all your soul and with all your mind”

Matthew 22:37

I am an Evangelical Christian who loves God and loves learning more about Him in the Bible. I believe in asking questions, as well as truly seeking answers for those questions. I have my MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, am a wife to a wonderful man and a mother of two little and wonderful whirlwinds, with one on the way.

Why is Your Blog Titled “Not a Theologian?”

I claimed Christianity for a long time without really knowing why. I didn’t know the evidence for Christianity. I avoided really engaging in conversations about other faiths and worldviews. I realize now that avoidance was because I was afraid that they might be right and the faith I adhered to might be wrong. I didn’t take the time to really dive into the Bible and learn from it. Instead, for the most part I just pulled out the things I already agreed with and was comfortable with and called it good. I never truly stepped away from historic Christianity, but I was on a path to do just that.

All that changed rather suddenly.

It felt like God both lifted a veil from my eyes and lit a fire under me at the same time. All of a sudden, I needed to know if all this was true in order to make some difficult decisions.

I dove deep.

And was surprised by what I found.

There is a lot of evidence for Christianity. It’s not all feelings and fluff and blind faith, but real, historical evidence to believe.

When I started talking about these exciting finds with friends in the faith, I began to notice that others felt the way I did in the beginning. They were cautious about discussing faith, evidence and the beliefs of other religions or offshoots of Christianity. I heard a number of times “I’m not a theologian.”

But here’s the thing. We’re all theologians. We all have opinions about the existence or non-existence of God. We all have thoughts on some level about who He is and what He wants. We might not all have degrees, know Hebrew and Greek or understand complex theories in the faith, but we are all theologians to one degree or another. The question is if I am a good one.

My goal here is to talk to people who don’t think of themselves as theologians. Christians who don’t know why they should be a Christian. Christians who might be afraid to dig a little deeper into the evidence of their faith because it might start to fall apart. Christians who might not feel like they really know who God is and what He has said.

Is that you?

Do you feel a tinge of fear when someone asks you hard questions about your faith? If someone told you the Bible had been changed, do you know how you would respond? If someone said that all religions are the same, would you agree or disagree? If someone claimed we have no reason to believe the Resurrection of Jesus really happened, would you know if they were right or not? If someone declared that Jesus never claimed to be God, what sections of the Bible would you point to? If someone asked you why you are a Christian, what would you say?

I hope I can help you to answer some of these questions on this blog.

If someone asked you why you are a Christian, what would you say?


When I find a new writer, I always want to know who their favorite authors/influences are. It’s a little like reading the referrals on the back of the book. Do I trust the person this writer wants endorsing them?

So here’s a list of people I have been most influenced by in my search: Mike Winger, Nabeel Qureshi, Tim Keller, Jen Wilkin, Jackie Hill-Perry, Alisa Childers, Norman Geisler, Greg Koukl, Natasha Crain, Melissa Dougherty, and more on a constantly growing list of authors, pastors and teachers.

All glory, honor and power to the One who saves!